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Debut Single "Made It" dropping december 1st!



Jacqueline Unveils Debut Single "Made It": A Victory Anthem Welcoming 2024 With A New & Celebratory Sound

[November 1, 2023] — After years of dedicated preparation, unwavering determination, and development from a blend of talents, Jacqueline Judith (J.J.) Harp, a multi-faceted Canadian-American artist, and the CEO and founder of Soul On Fire Records, is stepping into the spotlight with the highly anticipated release of her debut single, "Made It." This powerful anthem with accompanying music video (video release date: TBA) not only showcases Jacqueline's soulful voice with a notable 4+ octave range and blend of different tones, but also highlights her prowess as a dancer, a testament to her versatility as an artist.💃🎤About the Single

"Made It" is a triumphant expression of Jacqueline's journey as a singer-songwriter and artist. With its soulful foundation that allows J.J. to express the core of who she is, this victory anthem has the potential to resonate with its listeners through its catchy melodies, encouraging lyrics, and its soulful instrumentals. The song truly reflects Jacqueline's identity as an emerging recording artist, dancer, and producer, showcasing her unwavering passion for living out her destiny. This new single offers a special connection to its listeners as it promotes & supports ending 2023 on a high celebratory note, and going into 2024 with renewed hope.🎵🎶


A Hidden Diamond EmergesNot only is Jacqueline a gifted singer with a vocal range that spans over 4 octaves and a freestyle dancer, but she also possesses an understanding of the technical aspects of music production. With reputable training in sound engineering and music production, J.J. recently advanced her expertise even further, enabling her to confidently and independently, compose, record and produce "Made It" with exceptional precision and creativity. This single stands as a testament to Jacqueline's dedication to mastering every necessary facet of her artistry and ensuring that the final product remains true to what she put into it.✨🎇


The Genesis Of A New Sound

As an emerging artist on the cusp of her musical odyssey, Jacqueline invites you to witness the genesis of her adventure. With her social media presence freshly launched and a devoted following beginning to blossom, she embarks on this exhilarating journey with genuine enthusiasm and unwavering dedication. Jacqueline’s authenticity as a singer-songwriter promises an engaging and genuine experience for those who join her on this remarkable new achievement.🌟🔊

Exclusive PreviewThe song has been exclusively shared with selected media and industry insiders, so if you are reading this prior to the December 1st release date, then you are among the first to hear this single before its release.🔒🎵Collaboration OpportunitiesJacqueline welcomes collaboration opportunities, including interviews, features, playlist inclusions, and creative partnerships. Discover how you can work with this multi-talented artist to share her original music, inspiring story, and unique personality with your audience.🎤🌟Contact InformationFor further inquiries, please contact:Jacqueline Judith (J.J.) Harp

☎️Phone: +1-323-843-2828 📧Email:


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About Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a multi-talented soulful recording artist, and the CEO and founder of Soul On Fire Records, with a vocal range spanning over 4 octaves, exceptional dancing skills, and expertise in music production. Her debut single, "Made It," represents a culmination of years of dedication, passion, and artistic mastery.